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T Bar W Ranch
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This cow has been one of our foundation cows and it's tough to let such a great one go but we needed to put some of our top tier foundation cows in as well. Can't argue with Rio Grande and a wonderful dam from Dale Hunt's herd. You can see for yourself what she's produced with the consignment of T Bar W Hot Rios CJ and we sold her 2012 heifer for $5500 at the LWC. The lateral horn growth at 75.5"ttt has been perfect when looking for a great mama cow. She's milked extremely well and is a caring mother. We are hating to see her go but she'll continue in our herd as we're retaining her 2015 SDR Spartacus heifer. She's been exposed back the same way, to SDR Spartacus. This calf could be special. Palpation announced at sale.
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T Bar W Ranch
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